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      Thief! he thought; it is your work! and he passed his big hand over his face to hide his tears. He longed to throw himself at his masters feet and clasp his knees.

      He had been dubbed Egyptian because for many years he had sailed to Busiris, Bubastis, and other cities on the Nile. No one had ever seen him wear anything except a garment of braided mats, through which his lean arms and legs looked like a little childs first rude drawings of the human figure. His skin seemed tanned by the Libyan sun and never appeared clean, and his mouth was a tightly closed straight line as if he had no lips. It might be supposed that few words escaped them.

      May the twelve Olympians grant him every blessing! He was a kind master."Yet God knows I've never given cause, except as--"

      "Missie," sighed Anna's maid, "see Mahs' Chahlie dah? stan'in' on de woodworks o' dat big gun?"Many generations had already succeeded each other in the cliff-city, when a new race settled on the little plateau between the Hill of the Nymphs and the Gulf of Barathron. Like their predecessors, the new-comers originated in Salamis, but they called themselves4 Cychreans, from a family descended from Cychreus, one of the demi-gods of the island.

      A week elapsed, when they saw a man running towards them, shouting as he ran.

      [Pg 122][67] Mr. Schoolcraft has collected many of these tales. See his Algic Researches, Vol. I. Compare the stories of Messou, given by Le Jeune (Relations, 1633, 1634), and the account of Nanabush, by Edwin James, in his notes to Tanner's Narrative of Captivity and Adventures during a Thirty-Years' Residence among the Indians; also the account of the Great Hare, in the Mmoire of Nicolas Perrot, Chaps. I., II.


      Why is the wedding so hurried? asked Hipyllos. Why does it take place in five days?


      In front of the theatre the city police were busily engaged in urging on the groups of gossiping, laughing citizens by threatening to mark them with ropes covered with red paint. These ropes left ugly stains on mantles, and the people therefore tried to avoid them.Why wash it? he said, looking at the flask with a strange smile. It can have held nothing worse than I intend to buy.


      "Why, what, Connie, dear?"