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      Bushrod flopped around, threw increased vehemence into his prayer, and resumed his recital of his misdeeds.

      She is that! Jeff agreed. Well, as Sandy must be reading, about where hes got in that letter, Mrs. Everdail, who goes in for society pretty strong, got a chance to be presented, this Spring, before the King and Queen of England at one of their receptions."What's the matter with your appetite. Shorty?" he asked. "Haint bin eatin' nothin' that disagreed with you, have you?

      The Adjutant gave a little sigh, which Si could not help echoing, and Shorty joined in.

      "And, then," continued Si, unmindful of the interruption, "after she took the bread out, smelling like a bouquet, she put in some biscuits, and then some dressed chicken, a young pig."

      Dick joked, Larry admired the skill of the pilot.What did the pilot say?


      Help youhelp you with what?


      "Mebbe the Surgeon has something else that'll pizen these little cusses," said Si, falling in with his comrade.


      Theres a life preserver in the water! Dick could see it without glasses. Sandy looked."Thar's some more of his ignorant spellin'," said Groundhog. "Everybody but a blamed fool knows the way to spell write is w-r-i-g-h-t. I learnt that much before I wuz knee-high to a grasshopper. But let me continner: