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      The procession wound its way through the valley, up over the hill, and on to the main road. Every now and then the crowd sent up a cheer into the clear air. The concertina wailed on as if the man who played it were possessed of arms of steel. Sometimes the men sung, at others they talked together of how Esmeralda had been brought to the camp, of her childish sayings, of how she rode and shot; and strong men tried to conceal their emotion under hysterical laughter and blood-curdling oaths.

      Do not be too confident, he said. Miss Chetwynde is I do not think you understand her, Selvaine.

      You are the mistress here now, dearest, she said, sweetly.

      For all his nonchalance and sang-froid, Varley was rather startled.

      Yes, she assented; and both of them thought of that other paradise into which the eating of the Tree of Knowledge had brought so much misery.

      I love you! I love you! she said.

      No; I came straight from Australia, she said. I have never been anywhere else.Mr. Pinchook gave a little start of surprise, then got up and bowed.



      Perhaps some day you will have some one else to love you, dear, she said. Good-night.